"I strive each day to be used as a catalyst to make the stories and needs of those I serve... unavoidable."
— JM (Joel)
I have over twenty plus years of experience creating stories, campaigns, and images that move viewers to respond. I have a proven ability to drive revenue lifts through simple and beautiful campaigns. I are motivated by telling distinctive stories, allowing consumers to connect with brands in new ways. I am are driven to find big ideas through collaboration.
I’ve worked with Joel for the last fifteen years. He’s the best designer/creative director I know. “Designer” doesn’t do him justice. He’s a natural-born interpreter. 
He listens, captures the essence of what you want (even if you don’t know yourself), and somehow translates that onto paper, or into whatever medium is most appropriate. And usually what you get from him is more than what you thought you needed. I often ask myself how I could have missed at the beginning what he gave me in the end.
His tenure of professional experience doesn’t hurt. Joel thrived in the agency environment, and honed his craft and collaborative instinct from years of working on and leading teams (he’s heard more than his fair share of opinions and critique). To top it off, he’s that guy who the takeover company considered indispensable when everybody else was redundant.
When I need creative direction and leadership I go to Joel first.
Peter Li, Vice President Marketing and Communication, Vera Whole Health

Joel is a brilliant creative director and strategist not because his work looks great (which it does), but because he “gets it.”  His work is always in service of the objective; not to look good, not to please himself, but to achieve the mission of the organization and ultimately to do more good.  He’s quick, fluent in several media channels, has a strong vision, is open to collaboration, and makes any team he’s on better.
Steven Screen, Founder, The Better Fundraising Company

Joel is a super creative.  Blessed with brilliant design chops, he has developed into an inspiring innovator and passionate idea-generator.  He makes the people he works with better. I first hired Joel 18 years ago.  When I changed agencies, I hired him again as soon as I could.  If I have a chance, I would hire him again someday.
Bob Ball, Executive Creative Director, Masterworks
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